Friday, May 19, 2017

About Indian Vlogger

You know what this is long yet worth reading.

Welcome to Indian Vlogger ( IV ) – A  video blogging website where everyone enjoys.

The word vlogger evolved from video and blogger. The video creators called themselves vloggers. Now let me introduce myself.

I have been doing photography with my Nikon d3200 since 3 years. Apart from that, I enjoy making videos, blogging, SEO, marketing. I discovered the potential of people who are video creators. You may call me a crazy maniac, but these crazy☺ thoughts built up inside me and exploded as MOTIVATION TO BE A VLOGGER.

Here I will do travel, fun, nature, unboxing vlog. Apart from that, I will showcase photography images. If you want to keep, it will be absolutely free to download. I do have some serious content coming up in addition to the hobby part.

Well, I will provide tons of effort to ensure you will get quality material on How To Make Money Online, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Digital Marketing In Depth. Hence you will definitely find vlog on these topics.

Hey Creators,

I do have something which may help you. If you like my stuff and want to grow together then do let us know. I will definitely love to join my hands with you in the journey. Please check out my channel on youtube.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a nice day. Good Luck.