Cleanliness And Kitchen Garden Activity By TCS Bhubaneswar Nielsen Team At Open Learning Systems(OLS)

The NGO (OLS) is doing an awesome job in terms of caring special children, enabling the youth by providing training and more. However, most of us are unaware of the cause or even their presence.

If you are aware and actively supporting in some way then that is freaking cool. Salute to you. In case you are yet to know about the special children and OLS then please do visit the NGO. You can contact them through the open learning system official website.

Cleanliness And Kitchen Garden Drive

TCS Bhubaneswar Nielsen Team tried to add support and help OLS to help the needy. The TCS associates cleaned the campus. The beauty thing is they did not leave that unused. However, they tactically used the newly cleared land to make a kitchen garden. After all, it will help the guys in terms of vegetables to an extent. Pretty cool, yeah !!

After that, the Bhubaneswar Nielsen team interacted with the official staffs about their need and met the special children. The team has future plans to help such NGO in terms of teaching, enabling the special children.

Helping others in need is not only a responsibility of life, but it is what gives meaning to life.

Cleanliness And Kitchen Garden Drive Memories

How Can You Help OLS

So if you have some unused stuff then that can be a boon to these OLS special children. You can donate used shoes, clothes, books etc. then do give them a call. In addition to that, one can contact the ols website personals to donate money also. If you can afford then you should probably make a donation to ols now.

There is an another way you can help the needy special children. If you can enable them to earn then you will be their god. They will be independent and happy. So please consider visiting OLS Bhubaneswar.

Please do let us know in the comment below about how your thought on this. If you have some ideas to help the needy then please share here.

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